The New English Language XT500 Forum

This board should be in english only and contains everything worth to discuss.
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The New English Language XT500 Forum

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With the sad Demise of Both of the English Language XT500 Forums( & the Last year :!: A new Forum was started. This has been open to all Trail and Enduro Bikes of the XT500 Era and has gone by the Title Unfortunately (as we all know) #onda, Kawasaki etc owners do not love there bikes as much as XT500 owners do :lach: And due to 90% of the members owning XT500`s
a second address has been added This is to become the new Primery address and will make the Forum easier to Find :)

So i would like to welcome you all to the English Language XT500 Forum, you can visit us at or

See you Down the Road


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