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Technical problem

Verfasst: So Mär 29, 2009 13:52
von aievouais64
Hello every body.

When you look at the part list onthis page, you can see the washer number 15. It is alone.$


we disassembled 2 motors and we found on the first a stacking up of 10 chocks (2.36 mm) behind this washer.


On the second motor we found just one (2.50 mm).


On my motors, there is just the number 15 washer.
Who would have an explanation on the presence of this additional wedging while list leaves him do not speak about it? Already have you to meet this problem?


Re: Technical problem

Verfasst: So Mär 29, 2009 15:43
von speedphreax
It depends on the year the bike was manufactured. Pre 1981 XT's have a two row bearing behind the clutch and a 1981-on XT has a single row bearing. The 1981-on needs the extra spacer, the pre-1981 doesn't.

The picture that shows the 10 shims is just a nasty solution that is probably done by one of the previous owners.

By the way... There is allready a topic about this issue on this forum: ... f=2&t=6251

Re: Technical problem

Verfasst: So Mär 29, 2009 19:53
von Jeanjean
Hat jemand die Yamaha-Referenznummer der 3 mm-Ausgleichsscheibe, die mit dem einreihigen 6205-Lager verbaut wurde ?

Does someone know what's the part number of the 3 mm spacer for the 6205 single row bearing ?

Quelqu'un connait-il la référence yam de la rondelle de calage montée avec le roulement simple rangée de bille 6205 ?

No parla italiano...