Looking for XT 500 in Australia

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Looking for XT 500 in Australia

Beitragvon Sydney » Fr Sep 01, 2006 10:50

I recently moved to Sydney, Australia and would like to buy a XT 500. Has anyone an idea how to manage that best?

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Beitragvon pointer » Fr Sep 01, 2006 12:43

Good day Sydney,

bit difficult to figure out where to buy a XT500 in Australia if you are located in Germany :D

I assume that you know the "usual suspects", i.e. eBay etc. by yourself. Maybe the SR500-Club of Australia can be of help (SR500 is the street version of the XT500) . Their office is located in Victoria, but I bet that there are also some members in your area. Their homepage is located at:


Ottos Enduro-Mops hopst ...



Beitragvon gast » Fr Sep 01, 2006 23:12

hy sydney,

have you a look from this site: www.ozvmx.com

its very great.



Beitragvon Gast » Fr Sep 01, 2006 23:39

hi sydney,

it´s a pity but the chances are quite small to get one in australia.

when i was there i also wanted to buy one, and after looking for it for a while i got to know that the 500 was only imported 4 years, when 1981 the 550 model entered the market they stopped importing the 500 model, so there are only a few which ever reached the oz.

nevertheless, try the different motocycle wreckers, i finally bought a 550 model in melbourne, like i didn´t have that much time.

that´s some years ago, but i guess in sydney, melbourne, adelaide and whereever there will still be a lot of the wrecker guys, take your time and maybe you can get one.

good luck

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